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RV Trip Day #2 – Parley’s Walmart – Whitti Wendi
RV Trip,  Wendi's Daily Blog

RV Trip Day #2 – Parley’s Walmart

It has been a long day. Paul and I struggled to sleep last night. We found ourselves awake at 2:00 a.m., due to the heat. We played around with the air conditioning and got the RV cooled down, but the generator made it difficult to go back to sleep.

I checked on the kids several times, but they slept like logs! I could tell that the rumble of the generator kept them lulled to sleep, much like the vibrating toy they each had attached to their cribs as babies. I envied their sleeping bodies, resting throughout the night.

FINALLY, at almost 4 a.m., a Paul and I fell asleep and slept soundly until after 8 a.m. It took us awhile to get up and get the kids ready for our first trip to Walmart to buy breakfast. But once we did, we loaded a shopping cart with day-old donuts, juice, peaches, bananas, eggs, butter, and frozen hash browns.

We took our spoils back to the RV and enjoyed a mighty yummy breakfast! Then it was time to go stock up the RV at Sam’s Club. That was a worrisome trip for me. I was so concerned we would buy too much food, that it wouldn’t all fit. Thankfully Paul was right and it did!

Then we made our way back over to Walmart to buy the essentials, but in smaller sizes and quantities. That trip took over 2 hours, but we made it back in time to throw together a pretty quick and tasty lunch of Cheez-its, roasted turkey slices, fresh raspberries, baby carrots, and tall cups of water!

We were in a hurry to see my brother (the owner of this marvelous RV) so he could help us with final preparations for our journey. We enjoyed our time at his home, especially visiting for a few minutes before it was time for us to have another outside dinner with some friends that live in our old stomping grounds.

These friends of ours are AWESOME! They have been with us through thick and thin! Boating trips, near death experiences, moving out of their neighborhood, children growing up, moving again – but this time to a foreign country, and now we are moving away to the opposite side of the USA. We couldn’t think of leaving Utah without saying a hi/bye to them.

They were wonderful to host dinner for us at such short notice. We enjoyed The Pie Pizzeria and ice cream popsicles on their front lawn, in the cool of their shady trees on a hot summer’s night. It couldn’t have been more magical!!!

Then we said our good-byes and drove to our second boondocking site near Parley’s canyon. We got things put together for bed much more quickly tonight, due to us all being exhausted after a long, eventful day!

That’s our life lately. Busy! Lots to do! Lots of people to see! And lots of support! We couldn’t ask for better than what we have. We are thankful for each day we have to learn, grow, and face our weaknesses with faith in Christ. It isn’t easy, but each day has been worth it, when we put our trust in God.

Happy Saturday,

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  • Allison

    I’m so glad all your food fit!! Yay! I’m also glad you got to see so many friends In the short time you were here! You guys are definitely loved! ❤️

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