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RV Trip Day #4 – Reno, Nevada

I could barely sleep last night, because I was so excited!

We desperately tried to find a place to boondock in Holladay, Utah, but our resources ran short. So we followed our fellow semi-truck drivers and spent the night in a vacant parking lot.

We actually slept very well!! It felt comforting to be surrounded by so many other “boondockers”. So great, I was anxious to wake up and get on the road today!

But first, the essentials. Like filling our 5 gallon water jugs and buying a small fan to use in the RV. It’s so cute!!! We all love it! Then we stopped 3 more essential stores: Smith’s (looking for a specific variety of chips – they didn’t have them πŸ˜”), Einstein Bagels, and Sprouts (for ALL our produce and spice needs).

Then we started our trek west! Because we are in an RV, we can only go about 65 – 70 mph (downhill). So the amount of time the trip took us, plus essential stops (warning sounds/lights check, use of a free dump site, 2 gasoline top-offs, a playground rest stop for all of us to enjoy, and the time it took to make and enjoy our dinner) came to almost 12 hours total trip time.

Thankfully we just took this first trip one step at a time. We got on the road at about 11 am and arrived at my friend Deborah’s house almost before 11 pm (MST). Not bad for our first day! And today was fun too!

Even though there isn’t much to see in Nevada, the kids enjoyed time reading an entire book, researching information about our next destination, playing a few video games, watching a movie together, and completing their scripture study for the day. Curly Cook and I even started a 300 piece puzzle of 2 kittens.

At about this point πŸ‘†πŸ» in the journey, the kids and I started to realize just HOW FAR away Reno, Nevada really is from SLC, Utah. Thankfully our missionary called just as we pulled over in Battle Mountain, Nevada for a top-off of fuel and a break at their community playground.

No one was at the park, so we had it all to ourselves while we visited with El Gringo CR. It was lovely break and just the respite we each needed after many long hours already spent in the RV.

After our well deserved break, we said our good-byes to our family’s birthday boy this week, and headed back onto the open road.

Along the lone desert roads, we saw a few memorable sites: baby tumbleweeds, the Amtrak train, and dirt devils. To watch one makes you feel like you are seeing mini tornadoes. So cool!

After the kids finished their first movie in the RV, we stopped in Lovelock to make some dinner, alongside a shady 3 picnic bench corner park. Dinner consisted of: quesadillas, steamed zucchini, baby carrots and dip, raspberries, and Simply Lemonade. Yum!

Then back out onto the road we went. It got dark before we expected it to, but if we were on Utah time, it would actually be expected. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈInteresting!

We pulled up to my friends home at about 10 pm her time. We made an executive decision to just pull up in front of her house and slept there for the night. We didn’t have access to electricity, so we got to try out cooling the fridge with propane. πŸ€žπŸ» We hope it works!

Happy Monday, 

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