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RV Trip Day #8 – Coos Bay, Oregon to Tillamook, Oregon

We rested really well in the Coos Bay Walmart parking lot last night. So well we all slept in until almost 8 am. It was divine! Then Paul and GingerSnap walked over to Walmart to do a bit of shopping (new shorts might have been involved). 😉

Because of this, I had the gift of time to catch up on my journal and message a few friends. It was a delicious feast of free time that I used to have in abundance. Learning how to use time wisely while RV-ing is a skill I will need to learn. 

After a quick shower and some tidying up, we were on the road by 11:00.

The Oregon Coast towns are charming. Each had its own heartbeat.
The bridges are spectacular too! But there is also danger on these twisty, mountainous coastal roads. We have passed by two accidents over the last 2 days. We would love your prayers for them, as well as for us, as we continue our journey ahead. 

Tillamook Creamery is our goal for the day. We wish they were open tomorrow, but they aren’t.  So in order to make it in time, before they close for the day, we had to drive past several tourist stops along the Oregon Coast. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed to work our day’s plans all around a possible creamery tour. But instead of being frustrated, I focused on trusting in this plan and having hope that it is working toward our good.

Sadly, our plans were foiled! I hoped that my reservation was waiting for us, but a computer glitch frustrated our reservation attempt. So no entree into the creamery was possible.

I was so disappointed by this news, I needed a few minutes to wrap my mind around it before re-entering the RV.

“Why the rush to get to Tillamook? Why did we pass so many wonderful sites and not feel prompted to stop and at least see one of them? What were we to do now? How do I calm my mind down and not let this experience remain as a negative memory?”

As I sat on a parking lot barricade, I earnestly prayed to know what I needed to learn from all of this. All I could seem to focus on was the woman at the Tillmook store entrance stopping me from entering because she didn’t find my name on her Ipad list. After a few moments, I finally realized how grateful I am that “her list” really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. The list that I am working to be on is the real reason for living each day, and that goal was going to see me through this tiny upset.

Thankfully Paul came out to me, just as I was making my way back into the RV. He gave me a hug and told me it was going to be okay. He said, “Let’s go ask the kids what we should do, over our own bowl of Tillamook Ice Cream.” So we did! Things didn’t turn out like we expected, but we DID get our ice cream, and at a price that we all could appreciate ($5 for the 5 of us – instead of probably $25).

After our creamy bowls of goodness, we decided to check out a nearby boondocking site. It was the cutest little store, with petting zoo, and they were more than happy to have us stay free for the night (even 2 if we chose to). We purchased a few fun items (Blue Heron Brie, Marionberry syrup, fig jam, and a birthday gift for our birthday boy tomorrow!). We then parked the RV for the night. We decided it might be necessary to just relax for once and start again in the morning, bright and early.

Everyone agreed! So much so, GingerSnap jumped in and made dinner without being asked to. Paul hopped onto the internet to see if he could fix some of the issues we were having and the 2 kiddos went out to feed the animals until it was time for dinner. I called Paul’s cousin in Portland and consulted with her on our plans for tomorrow. Then we ate a scrumptious meal of: chicken salad greek pita sandwiches, cold watermelon, steamed asparagus with melted butter and salt, and crackers with brie & jam. It was a feast (even if GingerSnap didn’t like the brie) and it gave us all the energy we needed to enjoy the evening. (I have started a new cross-stitch project!)

As GingerSnap enjoyed a couple movies after dinner was cleaned up and put away, and Paul worked, the kiddos found a wonderful new “playground” to play on for a few hours!

As for me, I enjoyed an evening walk on the property all by myself. As I walked and took in all the beauty that was around me, I realized that maybe THIS was why we came to Tillamook so quickly. The views alone are worth writing to you about, so why not?!? But in all honesty, we NEEDED A BREAK!

Even though our plans today didn’t take us to any touristy locations, they did take us to where we NEEDED to be. And look . . . I got my blog up and working again. 4 posts were posted correctly today, complete with pictures. I hope you have enjoyed reading them up to this point. If you have missed some, go back and check previous dates. I uploaded them to the days that the activities actually occurred.

Hopefully tomorrow goes as planned. Our biggest hopes are to wake up early and enjoy the Oregon Coast tide pools, maybe a lighthouse or two, and then visit with one of Paul’s cousins for a little while. We also hope to find a safe and energy supporting place to sleep for the night, in order to fully enjoy our Sabbath morning on Sunday.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison

    I’m so sorry you couldn’t tour the Tillamook factory! BUT I’m glad you discovered the Blue Heron!! I meant to tell you about it and forgot! We stopped there too and loved the feel of the place. We also enjoyed the free samples, which I’m guessing they might not have had for you…I am sad i didn’t tell you but I bought my favorite seasonings for veggie dip there last year and I’m almost out! Darn I should have told you about it so you could try it! Oh well it sounds like it was just what your family needed!

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