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RV Trip Day #12 – 6 New Tires & Driving thru Rathdrum, Idaho

Good evening everyone!! First of all, thank you for your love and support during our trip. Your texts, emails, voice messages, comments on the blog, and prayers are lovingly felt and received. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!!!

We survived last night’s potentially creepy stay @ a far away Walmart in Spokane. The neighborhood wasn’t the best but turning to faith, instead of fear, got us each a good night’s rest. 

We woke up wondering what our day would bring, and now we are ending our day in Montana. 

Here are the highlights of our day today:

  • Joy Boy got some much needed shorts, and some Andes (Awn-days) mints. 😉 Love you Joy Boy! Curly Cook also got an unexpected new shirt for $3.00. Love Walmart clearance racks.  We also got a “head protecting” foam wrap for a painful metal bar over the dashboard. 🤕
  • After a DELICIOUS breakfast of coco-nutty “crunchy oats” (Thanks Paul!), we drove over to the ONLY store in Spokane that had all 6 tires we needed to continue on our journey. Thanks to my brother for helping us out so quickly. 💕
  • While we were all waiting, INSIDE the RV, for the new tires to be changed, a dear friend of ours inspired us to create a way to track our travels across the USA. So fun!!!! We decided to use an old puzzle. This way the kids will have a way to learn about the USA and have a reason to work on the puzzle EACH day!!! Thanks Camie! 🧩 
  • Once the tires were on the RV, and after a yummy RV lunch, we drove to our son’s/brother’s mission to take some “scavenger hunt” pics for him to look for while he is out and about in Rathdrum, Idaho. So pretty! 📸 
  • Driving thru Coeur d’Alene was gorgeous but not RV friendly.  So we only enjoyed the scenery from our RV. But boy is it pretty! 🏖 

Now we are @ St. Regis, eating a gourmet ham, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches with steamed asparagus and fresh cherries, also made by Paul. We are getting ready to go to Glacier National Park. We don’t expect to have internet up there, so you might not hear from us until Thursday.
Thank you again for your prayers and love! We feel them! We are off to get lost in Montana!

Happy Tuesday,

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  • Rachel Whitchurch

    So cool!!! Keep the updates coming. Love following your adventures. What an amazing experience you all are having. Sorry about the tires, but hopefully Glacier is wonderful! I’ve never been and can’t wait to go someday. Here’s praying you have a safe and wonderful trip.

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