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RV Trip Days #13 – #15 = RV Troubles & Glacier National Park

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your prayers. They have been a great blessing to our family. We hit a bit of a detour this week, but we are back on schedule and just arrived in a Butte, Montana Walmart for the night. We thank Walmart for the many times they have given us a safe place to sleep. This Walmart was especially kind and welcoming. I look forward to shopping in this store for a few items, tomorrow morning.

To fill you in on the details of what has happened the last 3 days, I’ll start with Tuesday night. We sent a quick blog in St. Regis, Montana and drove through the evening, until dark, and arrived to Hungry Horse Dam pretty late. So late, we struggled for over an hour to find a place to sleep. Not fun! 

We all awoke the next morning a bit “off”. We tried to figure out what to do, but we just kept feeling that we needed to dump the RV again?!? So we did! 

This change of plans led us to find a newly started oil leak, which led us to two different mechanics (the 1st one saying it would take at least 14 days to fix our RV), which led us to another miracle that the 2nd mechanic not only had the parts we needed, but he had the time to fix our RV the NEXT day!  He even allowed us to sleep in front of the dealership that night, since our RV was un-drivable. 

So the next morning we said goodbye to the RV for 6 hours and we took a “Lift” into the city of Kalispell to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary as a family. We enjoyed: the Hockaday Museum of Art, the Northwest Montana History Museum (look what one tree lived through in the picture above), a 15 minute walk to lunch @ Wendy’s, another 15 minute walk to the Kalispell Waterpark, and then another “Lift” back to our RV in time to pick up Krispie Kreme Donuts on our way to sleep for the night in West Glacier, Montana. 

We arrived with PLENTY of time to not only:  find a great spot to sleep for the night, COOK dinner (we have missed home cooked meals), wash 2 loads of laundry, have everyone take a shower, and watch a movie together as a family, but we also had plenty of time to play around in a nearby, beautiful river bed and collect colorful rocks! This riverbed was my happy place yesterday, and the best ending to 2 eventful nights and un-expected changes to our days! 

This morning we woke up a bit tired after a full night of trains passing by our RV. Did you know the train runs by West Glacier? It does and it did ALL night long! But that’s okay. Paul whipped us up some waffles before we spent a gorgeous day in Glacier National Park! 

We could only go as far as Avalanche Campground because our RV is too long, but for what we did get to see, it was breath-taking and worth all the fuss to get here! (Can you find our RV in one of the pictures?) We left Glacier after 3 p.m. and made a few stops to prepare the RV for another few days of long traveling.

While waiting for Paul to replace one of the four RV batteries, the kids and I whipped up another hot meal for dinner. As we did, our missionary called! It was perfect timing because we not only had internet, we were all together and could enjoy hearing how HE SAW US at the church in Rathdrum!! He is such a good boy to not come out and see us!!! I think it would have made a terribly emotional mess of us all. 😅

El Gringo told us that he loved the presents in his package we gave him this week, and even said he loved reading the letters we wrote to him. Talking to him was a great gift and added to the beauty of today!

 But isn’t this life? Taking the unexpected with the necessary plans of life?  The longer I live, the more I am learning to search for the hand of God in the details. The oil leak didn’t frustrate our trip, instead it was a blessing given to us right now because Kalispell, Montana has one of the only CAT dealerships along our RV trip route, and there isn’t anyone better to fix the RV’s CAT engine than one of their mechanics! We also found a car parts store that just brought in the battery we needed for the RV. AND . . . in Spokane, there was only 1 tire store that had the exact tires we needed, and all these things were done in the time we had to spare on our trip!!!!! 

Also, without these little necessities to update the RV, we wouldn’t have had the time to sit back and count our blessings! Like being able to finish an entire puzzle, see beautiful sites that usually get ignored, or realizing just HOW BLESSED we are to even be able to use my brother’s RV (instead of an expensive RV like others must use), and hopefully the fixes we have made will bless my brother in the future. 

RV life isn’t easy! My dear friend Rachel cautioned me that the first 2 weeks are the hardest. I can say that I hope this is the truth! Today marks our 2nd FULL WEEK in the RV! I look forward, with hope, that the rest of this journey (especially now with 6 new tires, a thorough look over of our engine by a CAT certified mechanic, a new battery that Paul replaced to help the batteries fully function, a replaced toilet part to stop a leaky toilet, and possible better internet for the family) will bring us an enjoyable trip, all the way to Virginia. 🤞

But, no matter what will come, faith in Christ will see us through each step of the way. Because only He can make a spontaneous hail storm seem like something magical for the entire family to enjoy (well, maybe I didn’t enjoy it while it was happening, but the skies afterward . . . WOW, there isn’t anything like a Montana sky!).

Thanks for reading and coming along this journey with us. We FEEL your love, prayers, cheerleading, and hope for us to make it through each and every day of this journey.

Lots of love from our family in Butte, Montana to yours!

Happy Friday,


  • Tiffany Sorensen

    What a crazy few days! I can’t believe your missionary saw you outside the church! I bet that was fun for him to know you were so close.

    • wendi

      It was! He actually made a video of us taking photos outside the church. So crazy! But I am SO PROUD of him for staying in the church and not coming out. He is one great missionary! Love you!

  • Allison

    I love all these pictures!!! You are seeing so many beautiful places! It’s amazing how blessed you have been with the repairs you’ve needed!! You have definitely experienced miracles not coincidences! And I can’t believe Elijah saw you! I’m so proud of him for staying inside the church! I will continue to pray that your journey goes well!

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