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RV Trip Day #16 – 6 Hour Long Drive Today!

Happy Saturday everyone! I didn’t think it was possible, but today felt like a Saturday!

The kids slept in, amongst the clanking of pots, pans, and the drying of laundry.  They finally were woken up by Paul’s continual opening and shutting of the RV door, as he worked to improve a rattling sound we hear over the front right tire. 

Once awake, the girls dashed over to Walmart, with their dad, to buy a few groceries and personal items. Then we all enjoyed a warm bowl of steel cut oats with coconut oil and maple syrup 😋, before heading out to a few stores that carry RV parts. One thing you might already know about  Paul is that he always strives to improve his surroundings, no matter where he may be. At work, at school, at church, at home, and even on vacation. 

Each time Paul and I would vacation at my Dad’s house in Mexico, I would sit and relax, while Paul would putter around the house fixing odd things. I sometimes felt guilty not working with him, until I learned that making things be the best they can be brings him joy. Personally, for me, I love returning things we use better than when we received them. I hope this RV is one of those projects for Paul and I hope my brother can see the differences and enjoy them too. 

The only thing we had planned for today was to drive from Butte, Montana to Kaycee, Wyoming. About a 6 hour trip, without stops. We had a late breakfast, so we whipped up a quick taco meat lunch while at a free dump station along our route. We were so fast we were back on the road in less than 20 minutes. 

I hope I’m getting the hang of this “eating on the road” lifestyle. I need to bring more veggies and fruit into the RV fridge. I have most of our produce and drinks in the outside RV storage, in a HUGE cooler filled with plastic buckets and bricks of ice to keep things cool. 🥦 🍎 🥕 🥬 🥔 

Other than driving today, we made a fun stop at a park in Billings, Montana to let the kids blow off some steam and to let Paul take a break from driving. We thought it was super cool that the park was a Pioneer Park. So in honor of Pioneer Day in Utah, we played at a pioneer park. 🥳

Tomorrow we plan to start our Church History/Family History portion of our RV trip. We will sleep in Kaycee, Wyoming tonight and then drive over to Martin’s Cove tomorrow morning for a little walk around and time to talk about who passed through here in our family, so long ago. The visitor center is closed (we called and confirmed this), but that doesn’t change the history that happened here. You can tear down a monument, or lock it up because of a super virus, but you can’t stop truth from being taught.

I’m actually excited to have the church sites closed. I have wanted to do this kind of trip for many years (right Kori 😉), but I never cared about the displays or buildings at each site. I have only ever cared about the facts. So I think I am getting my dream church history tour – one that is back to the basics! 🥰

These Aussie bites are yummy!

Well, it’s getting late. The kids finished up their 3rd movie for the day (Saturday media splurge), and we are all set up for tonight’s sleep destination at the Kaycee, Wyoming Rest Area. 

We even had a enough time to build the puzzle in 9 min 30 seconds AND play a game of Uno Flip after our nightly CFM discussion.

As I look around at our surroundings, Wyoming sure is treeless. What a difference the scenery has been in just 2 weeks: SLC mountains, desert, Sierra Nevada mountains, lakes, Redwoods, Oregon coast, fog, trees!!, more mountains, more trees, glaciers, more lakes and now barren rolling plains.

🧐 What a journey we are blessed to be on. 😍

Good night everyone! 

And a very Happy Saturday, 


  • Allison

    I love seeing the black line on your puzzle move along!! It sounds like a great Saturday! I’m glad everything worked out for you! That’s a wonderful attribute of Paul’s to improve his surroundings! What a blessing not only to your family but everyone he interacts with!!

    • wendi

      You are so sweet! That was totally your idea and my friend Camie’s idea mixed together. Glad you like it. Love you my friend!

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