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RV Trip Day #17 – Martin’s Cove, Wyoming

Today was a delightful day. No pictures of the RV rest stop though, because it was smelly and no one wanted to get out of the RV. So we left as quickly as we could and didn’t think of taking a photo. Sorry posterity.

But Homechurch #3 in the RV was beautiful and just what we needed to set the tone for today. And boy did we need it! Because I must admit, remembering which day of the week it is, gets to be a bit confusing when living full time in an RV.  So Saturday night I wondered if we would even feel like it was Sunday the next day? 

Thankfully Paul and I were able to quickly get the kids into bed last night, as well as ourselves. Then we purposefully woke up at 7:00 a.m. to start the family shower rotation. We were breakfast-ed and ready for church by 9:00 a.m. and THAT made it really feel like it was Sunday. 

By the time our Homechurch was through, we moved onto the road for our 2 hour drive to Martin’s Cove, Wyoming. Paul commented that we had now traveled a full circle, and that we were only a stone’s throw from where we first started 2 weeks ago. 😌Chao Salt Lake City!

Joy Boy and I enjoyed a much needed nap during the drive this morning. On our way to Martin’s Cove, Paul found a free dump site, but the water didn’t work. So we had to find a second free dump site to clean out what unavailable water couldn’t clean out (😉😉). This surge of fresh water released whatever had been jamming up the black water sensor. So for the 1st time on our trip, the black water sensor showed an empty light!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

We also were able to get the RV completely filled with clean water again!!!! We haven’t been able to access potable water for a few days, so this was a great blessing for our family today! 

20 minutes after we left the free dump station, we pulled into Martin’s Cove. It looked like a well maintained ghost town. No one was in sight. Not one senior missionary was seen, except for when we casually walked by an open workshop and found a couple inside. 

But a closed visitor center didn’t stop any of us today. ☺️ One RV or car, after another, pulled into the site and then back out again, as we sat and made ourselves a gourmet lunch.  Paul’s fabulous Chicken Piccata. If you love pickle flavors and lemon, this is a must try recipe!!! Yum! 😋 

After our delectable lunch, everyone surprisingly took a power nap/rest time for 30 minutes, while I cleaned up the dishes used to make said gourmet meal. Then we put on our good walking shoes, a hat, and sun glasses, and set out to see what we could find. 

The visitor center was closed, but I supplemented the loss with information  from the Church History Info Site, as well as this talk. Also, one of the houses had a display window that showed pioneer China plates, glass dishes, tools, and lost items found out in the area. We loved seeing these protected and respected items of history. Then we decided to walk the 1/2 mile to Devil’s Gate. 

It was almost 90 degrees, and well after 3:30 in the afternoon. The sun was HOT ☀️ 🥵 today and Curly Cook immediately declared she must have water! I knew she would survive the short walk, and that her desire for water would be a good lesson for her, but she sure did whine and pout until we focused on picking wild flowers. 🌻

Then the moment I had been waiting for came . . . my mother’s prayer was answered!!! Something memorable to do was given to us and it was well received! And it was just the solution to help Curly Cook make it back to the RV without having a melt down. 😍I hope the creek was clean and that it was okay to have the kids walk around in?!? In Costa Rica, the water is always polluted. This creek looked just like a creek should look. So we let the kids roll up their leg coverings and walk on in. 

The views all around were resplendent. They were just what I needed. Another prayer had been answered! I felt grateful that the visitor center had been closed because it forced us to walk and search for the good, rather than expect it and feel entitled. 

The walk back to the RV took exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds from the first complaint of “how long will this take.” The hot walk was rewarded with tall cups of Sonic crunchy ice cold water and refreshing cups of Italian Ice. Then Paul turned on a Sunday movie for the kids and we hopped onto the road once again. 

I hate this road! This is the windy Wyoming road. I have driven it alone, and with a trailer behind me, and both times the winds drove me crazy with fright. I had another route in mind, but Paul said shorter is better. I disagreed, but today the roads weren’t as rough through Laramie and Cheyenne. Even the rain didn’t cause a delay or fright! 😅 Yet another RV trip miracle for me! 

Thankfully we made it to the rest stop and found it to be quite lovely. So lovely, the kids were able to talk Paul into letting them climb up onto the top of the RV and see the stars a bit better. Thankfully for me, they didn’t like being THAT high and only sat there for maybe 3 minutes. Then our family walked around the “park” and climbed into RV for the night, as it nestled itself among a half dozen other semi-trucks also sleeping here. We were a tiny RV among giants. It felt kind of nice for all of us!

It was a GREAT DAY! And now we are in Nebraska! HOW COOL IS THAT! No one in the family has been to Nebraska. This is a first for all of us. We are truly grateful that we made the western loop before we started our journey east. I hope to always remember our 2 weeks out west. They were magical and just what we all needed right now. Good Night and may you feel God’s love for you! For I sure do!

Happy Sunday,

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  • Allison

    I’m so glad you were able to have a good experience at Martins Cove! I’m sure the creek was clean water! Was it the Sweetwater? Libby was baptized right there at Martins Cove in the sweetwater! Seeing your pictures brought back all those wonderful memories!! It sounds like you had a wonderful Sabbath!

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