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RV Trip Day #26 – #27 = Visiting a Dear Friend in Indianapolis, Indiana

Hello! It has been a LONG day!!! 

It doesn’t help that we crossed into our last time zone change, as well as staying up until 2 am, visiting with old friends last night. 

After our church history stops in Illinois yesterday, we drove through corn fields for hours until we arrived at my friend’s house late last night. It was a bit confusing what time we actually arrived, as our bodies said 9:30 p.m. but the clock said 10:50 p.m. Eastern time. 


We are mentally and physically stuck between Mountain and Central Time Zones.  Thankfully my friend and her family are night owls, so the kids partied late (until midnight Utah/Costa Rica time), while GingerSnap and Paul each zoned out watching some movies in the RV. 

I had a blast chatting with my friend, as well as her vivacious 6 year old son. He was a hoot to talk to. He is so smart!!!! All of her children are. They too are homeschooling, taking one day at a time like myself, so it was so much fun to see all they are being inspired to do. My friend has: a programmer/stock broker, a seamstress, a go-getter party planner, and a 6 year old-going-on 45 year old little man, all running around her home. 

My friend was wearing the funniest shirt that said, “I support wildlife, I have kids!” So fun, but so true!!! 🤣

I finally had to pull my children away from her children, and we all went to bed, only to wake up 7 & 1/2 hours later to two boys outside, cautiously loud enough to start to wake up my kids. 

Curly Cook was the first to awake. Then the knocking on the RV door came. I woke Joy Boy up and informed him that the door was for him. He hurriedly got up and dressed before I could count to 100. That is fast for him! 

Then I got ready and joined my friend for breakfast. She made us a large batch of German Pancakes, spicy sausage, watermelon, and orange juice. Yum! 😋 

The kids sat long enough eat and then they were off playing once again. Joy Boy enjoyed VR and computer programming some GIFs. Curly Cook enjoyed rollerblading, holding their chickens, having a picnic in a fort in the basement, and being given a new-to-her pair of short boots. 🤗

Paul spent his time power washing the RV of any leftover Clay County, MO. clay, as well as power washing my friend’s garage, and hanging up some picture frames for her in her home. 

GingerSnap was a team player and watched the kiddos for us while my friend drove me to buy ice, refill 10 gallons of water, and buy a few other groceries. We loved our alone time together! Just like the good ‘ol days! 💕

Then she indulged us with Grandma Sycamore stuffed grilled cheese & sweet pickle tuna fish sandwiches and pink lady apples before taking a family picture and waving good-bye to us as we got back out onto the road. 
I will admit, it was hard to get back into the RV today. I was kind of over it, but I fought through the “ugh” feeling and sat up front in shotgun to enjoy Paul’s company. 

He was a pro and powered through 5 & 1/2 hours of driving today. We arrived near our next Church History Site by 10:50 p.m. (eastern time), with enough time to get the kids to bed at a decent enough time.  

The long ride today also blessed me to finally be able to blog about the last 4 days, which was something I had struggled to do up until now. 

I think that all in all, today was a pretty successful day. The only needs we have are potable water and to know what order to drive through our church history sites over the next 2 days. We also would like to finalize seeing my mom, which happens this Saturday! So fun! The kids are SUPER excited to see her. Me too! 

Thank you to our readers for your patience as blogs come at will, and for your faithful following of this blog. Your support gives us courage and joy!  I am sure you are wondering what we have planned next? We don’t know much more than what we have already shared with you. We still haven’t found a home in Virginia, nor has Paul found a job. 

But we feel peaceful to still take this trip seriously and to not use stratagem to figure out what is coming next. We trust we will know what to do, when we need to do it. So keep reading and follow along as our family walks this road of faith in Christ. We love you! 

Happy Wednesday, 

** This post was written at 2 am, in an attempt to get caught up. I will be moving this post to its actual date, one everyone has had a chance to read it.


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