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RV Trip Days #29 & #30 – Speechless

Well, we did it!!

We completed all of our Church’s Historical sites that were along our route to Virginia. Today was the last day . . . and I’m speechless. 


I have been trying to find the words to describe the last two days, but they just won’t form. I think Paul and I can summarize it best that this experience we have had is unique, one of a kind, and hopefully unforgettable.

We know that because of our unique situation, our family was given an opportunity of a lifetime!!! Seeing this last church history site today has left us feeling a bit overwhelmed (like how one might feel coming home after a fantastic vacation). 

So, I’ll keep it short today and hopefully let the pictures speak the works we can’t seem to say. 

Palmyra, New York: 

  • The RV Park was filled with families, and Individuals, who look like they live there full time. This experience taught me to be thankful for my life and privileges, and to be open to all sorts of ways people need to live. 

  • Our first site in Palmyra was my must try site! I was relieved when I saw the gates wide open, welcoming our RV in. We each loved having our own quiet moments in the Sacred Grove. It was empty. We had the entire grove, all to ourselves, except for 2 sets of Sister Missionaries (one says “Hello” to you Tiff!), and a kind Senior Elder who pointed us to fresh blackberries. Now we have tried blackberries at both coasts. The Redwoods win. 😉
  • Palmyra city had very kind Senior missionaries who happened to have some time to share with us. 🚙 They were so kind! We also walked over to see Joseph Smith’s brother’s grave site, as well as Martin Harris’ home. It was so cool! The home sides are decorated in small rocks.
  • GingerSnap found a super cool cannon at a park, on the walk back from Alvin Smith’s grave site. She thought it was cool enough to photograph.
  • The Hill Cumorah was a ghost town. So not normal. It is usually covered like ants on a hill. 😉 But the hike to the top was still steep. 🤦🏻‍♀️ How did the performers do it? At the top of the hill, we had a perfectly timed talk with Sister Brown. I think we needed one another. ☺️
  • Palmyra fed us in so many ways!! I do wish we could have seen the temple a bit closer. The gate had one side open, but we know temples are closed right now, so we respected the partially opened gate and drove away.
  • We only had a 2 hour drive yesterday. This was the perfect amount of time for the kids to watch a movie, while eating popcorn. I personally loved taking the back roads through up-state New York, as well as in Pennsylvania the next day. It’s the best way to really see a state, and it’s sky. 😉 ☁️ ⛅️
  • We pulled into a Walmart parking lot for the night. Joy Boy was delighted when a HUGE train came by. He and Curly Cook enjoyed watching it, while Paul and I enjoyed finishing a movie we have tried to finish, but haven’t, due to weak internet.

Harmony, Pennsylvania: 

  • We welcomed a few nature walks today that led us to restored buildings & places I didn’t even know existed. I assumed that the site today would be short and quick, but it had our attention for over 2 hours. Visits with 2 Senior Missionaries, 2 sets of Sister Missionaries, and the Mission President & his wife were a tender mercy. So was a cute, tiny frog for Curly Cook to catch.
  • I was deeply touched to see the home where Joseph translated more than 70% of the Book of Mormon. I also felt overcome with gratitude for this place, for it is where all baptisms in the Latter-days can be linked back to. 💕
  • Today’s drive was almost 4 hours long. 🤦🏻‍♀️😳😴🤪 It was a tough driving day for both Paul and I. I think we are craving a break, and we could feel it was soooo close! We both knew that once we met up with my mom, we are going to an RV resort to rest and relax until Wednesday. Hallelujah! 🎉🚍😴
  • The kids running out of the RV to see Grandma made the long trip worth it!!! It has been 20 months since their last “pop a head hug.” That’s a long time for these kids! We also fulfilled one of Joy Boy’s wishes – to see Grandma’s house in Connecticut. 🤗

Well, that’s it. We made it to Preston, Connecticut where we will relax until next Wednesday. The internet isn’t great, so we will take a break from blogging until properly rested and better internet.

We love you! 

Happy Saturday, 

* P.S. – I’ll be on vacation until next Wednesday. So if you don’t hear from us, don’t worry. Love you!


August 9, 2020 at 7:36 am

This makes me so happy!!! I’ve been praying for you all for the Sacred Grove to be open! I’m so relieved to hear it was!!! It sounds like you had an incredible experience there and the Hill Cumorah! I remember all too well how steep that climb is!!! The whole Palmyra area and sites are amazing! I’m so glad you made it to your Mom and now get to take a break!!! You all deserve it!! Love to you all! ❤️❤️

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