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RV Trip Day #34 – The END of the RV Trip

The last few days have been delightful! 

We rested, slept in, ate great food, rested some more, washed all our bedding, washed all of our clothing, showered to our hearts contend, took the littles swimming twice, went for walks, ate ice cream, we were treated to take-out twice, we watched movies, played games, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more.

The last 4 days were a glorious rest from traveling full-time across the country . . . And we did it!!! We really, really did it!  

It feels so incredible that we traveled directly across the entire USA, from west to east. What an experience to reflect on as we now embark on our next journey to discover our new place of residence.  

Yes, some might say we are actually on a journey to find our “new home,” but our family has learned over the past 5 1/2 years that “home” is actually right where you are supposed to be. So this RV has been our home for the last 34 days, and it will continue to be, until we move into a new place to reside. 

And yes, our things have arrived from Costa Rica. They can be delivered as early as next Tuesday, but first we need to find a place to put them. Preferably in the dwelling we will be living in for quite some time. But if a storage unit is all we can do, c’est la vie! 

Forgive me as “I” take a moment to reflect on life over the last 34 days. I gave you Paul’s list of wonders, now I feel I should add mine. But mine will probably be more along the lines of “counting our blessings.”

Along this RV journey of ours, we have always had:
  • A safe place to sleep
  • Money in our pockets
  • Delicious tasting food
  • Heat, air conditioning, propane, electricity, water to wash, water to drink, and diesel to get us through each and every day. 
  • A fully functioning washer and dryer “in” the RV that allowed us to always have clean clothes!!! 
  • Easy and practical ways to dry our clothing!
  • Internet when we needed it most.
  • Plenty of pictures to help us remember this whirlwind of an experience. 
  • A desire to blog each and every night before I could sleep. (And now a written history of what this trip was like, at least from my perspective).
  • Plenty to do, see, hear, feel, and taste!
  • People whom we felt guided to talk/listen to. 
  • All the time we needed to get to where we were going. 
  • Sunday needs met each and every week. 
  • Opportunities to learn and grow each day. 
  • We didn’t miss one chat/text/email from our son in Idaho. 
  • We all learned about our personal hygiene habits and where we can improve. 🦷 🚿 🧼 👚 👞 
  • We learned how to ponder and hold still . . . “be still.” 
  • We learned how much technology we need versus how much we crave. 
  • We are continuing to learn how to eat the food we have and not buy more, unless it is needful. 
  • We conquered changing our internal clocks to the eastern time zone. Hallelujah!  Thank you Strawberry RV Resort vacation! 
  • We learned to appreciate was quiet is (RV-ing is NOISY!!!!!), what holding still really means, and what can be done while holding still (drawing/writing). 
  • We learned that self care/family care are priorities no matter where you live or what you are doing! 
  • And so much more! 

We also had one other fun adventure come to an end . . . Paul’s beard. He felt it was time. Fortunately, he was very kind and shaved off his beard in steps, so the kids could see what he would look like with a goatee, or a mustache. The kids are soooo sad he shaved his beard off!!  They actually love him with a beard. I rather enjoyed it too.

A beard makes Paul look so distinguished and wise beyond his years (because he is!). But I also don’t blame him for not wanting it any longer. It wasn’t the easiest thing to live with. But if he does grow one again, I’ll be sure to kiss his face more often. 😉😉

Happy Wednesday, 

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  • Allison

    Okay let’s talk about the beard for a minute!! I actually usually don’t like beards but Paul’s looked really good! I loved the coloring of it and it did make him look older and wiser! I agree with you though… he is still distinguished and wise 😉 I liked the goatee too but there is never and I mean never an okay time to have a mustache!!! They creep me out!!! So I’m glad to see he is back to clean shaven!!!
    I love your list of blessings Wendi!! What a journey you’ve all taken! I love how well documented it is for your posterity!!
    Best wishes as you get to Virginia! Love you!

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