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A New Beginning: Day #13 – Has it really only been 2 weeks?

Forgive me . . .

If you know me well, at least well enough from reading this blog consistently, you will know that when life gets hard, I go silent. I really do it out of respect for all those involved in our hard moment. I care about those closest to me. I don’t want to share anything that they might not be comfortable with me sharing. So instead of typing up some sappy little something when I am down, I just go quiet.

But too many of you have reached out to me lately and given me enough encouragement to help me at least scrape myself together and share something! But I can’t escape the truth either. So I hope to find some kind of balance in between.

The truth is house hunting in a seller’s market STINKS!!!!

Just when you think you have found the one, you get rejected. I think the hardest part of this whole affair is that our littles are along for the ride. This isn’t the first time Paul and I have gone house hunting in a seller’s market. We did it for YEARS in Costa Rica. But we did it on date nights and the kids rarely saw any of the houses, except on a “look and see” basis. So this is really tough on all of us, and that hurts my heart. 💔

But with all of my blog posts, I have to share the up side of our lives too. Like my newest update to my blog. Do you like it? GingerSnap did it for me and I REALLY LIKE IT!! We also have been spending a lot of time with a cousin of Paul’s. His wife is an AMAZING cook and she has fed us every meal when we visit them. I honestly am amazed by her energy level and tenacity to keep feeding so many mouths over the last 2 weeks!

One of my favorite days this week was when Paul convinced/suggested to his cousin that they learn to make their Grandfather’s Angel Food Cake recipe together. My heart melted watching them whip this beauty up.

It was divine! Well done you two!

We really appreciate this family. They have been so fun to visit the past two weekends. It was actually nice to take the RV out for a spin. But our family agrees that our RV-ing days are probably done. We all hope that the RV can go to its rightful owner really soon.

Can you see my laundry drying?

In the meantime, we are doing our best to enjoy living in an RV full-time. Privacy, alone time, unlimited water/sewage, and a more “normal” routine are all opportunities to be desired. But we are taking life one day at a time . . . that is really all that we can/should do!?! Right?

Like having the kids learn how to “drive”. The B family is so sweet to give our kids things to do in our down time. Like: driving their riding lawnmower, shooting a BB gun, holding bunnies, fishing at their pond, and taking time to just enjoy the beauty of their farm.

We also appreciate the extra time, and internet accessibility, to actually be available to talk to our son in Idaho. Our talks with him have been quite enjoyable and well spent.  He is on the last eighth of his mission.  He will be home in just over 3 months.  My dream is to have a large enough home for him to come home to.  Wouldn’t that be grand!

Irish Stew and Strawberries & Cream French Toast, just to name a few!

I must say that I have been very blessed to like to cook with limited resources.  I love to whip up the unexpected and serve it to my family.  Living in the USA makes it SO EASY to buy and prepare any kind of meal you would want to order at your favorite restaurant.  My family can not complain about any of the meals they have eaten since arriving in the USA.  Feeding my family well always brings me JOY!

Some of our favorite meals we have eaten in the RV have been: Chicken Piccata, Beef Stroganoff over baked potatoes with peas, Thai Noodle Salad, Broccoli Salad, Creamy Chicken Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Irish Stew, Kodiak Pancakes (all except GingerSnap), Fruit & Cottage Cheese with buttery toast, blackberry jam spread on top of crackers and topped with brie (Wendi’s FAVORITE snack!), refrigerator pickles, grilled steak with baked potatoes (steak is so cheap in the USA!), grilled bean burritos, tuna fish/chicken/egg salad sandwiches on flat bread with iceberg lettuce, grilled all beef hotdogs (MSG free), Steel Cut Oats with coconut oil and maple syrup topped with fruit again, so many good choices!) and cream, and lots and lots of cereal (another cheap meal that we could rarely have in Costa Rica)!

Although life may not be going as we felt it was going to be, we have been buoyed up by so many of you lovely beings.  You have prayed for us, written to my family and shared your hopes and dreams for our family with us, you have put our names in the houses of the Lord for us, you have fasted for us, supported us financially/physically/temporally/spiritually/emotionally and we seriously couldn’t ask for better support than all of you!  

We appreciate you trying to help Paul find a good job, not just something to fill a temporary need.  We also appreciate the help we have been given to help us find a place to live in Virginia.  Virginia is a HUGE state with LOTS and LOTS of trees!!!!  The trees make it difficult for us to get our bearings straight.  They just seem to go on and on.  But we know that one day, a particular lot of trees will feel like home and we will make them our own.  

Until then, I found hope in the story below.  👇 My beautiful friend Sarene sent it to me.  She too has been waiting for a LONG time for something precious to happen in her life.  It finally did last Sunday!  She waited and prayed and fasted and hoped . . . and it happened.  Thank you for your example Sarene!  We all need a friend like you in our lives.  

Happy Wednesday,

(remember, it’s my favorite day of the week) 😉

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  • Allison

    Thanks for posting even when you don’t feel like it!! You are awesome! I’m so sorry it’s been rough! I loved the story you shared about the man with one arm! That was amazing! You are all still in my prayers!! Love you!

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