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A New Beginning: Day #22 – A Smiley End to My Day!

Good evening. It’s late. So late I almost went to bed without blogging, but then I felt it. I felt that burning need to fulfill my promise to blog each and every day how I have felt the power of God in our lives today.

So, I am happily sitting on a carpeted step in my “bedroom” blogging, while the rest of my family is fast asleep. This little step allows me to not disturb Paul on the bed, but also allows me to see down the full length of the RV.

I love feeling everyone fast asleep after a successful day. I attribute the success of this day to our family unity to keep the commandments. We are each striving to obey the commandments we have been give individually and as a family.

As we obey these commandments more each day, a sweet feeling has come into our tiny home. Our home actually feels bigger (something I have been personally praying for the last few days). We also are enjoying our time together a bit more, like listening to GingerSnap’s rough draft of her RV Blog Project (I’m excited for you all to be able to read it too!) We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed remembering the RV trip from her perspective. Now that is a quality gift to have these days . . . Time enjoyed joyfully as a family unit.

We also enjoyed going to a campground to dump the water tanks in the RV. We met a man named Ricky, who was so kind he was trying to find us housing where he worked. He offered us to be a workamping couple. Unfortunately, the RV is temporary, but it sure felt nice to be offered another place to be, if needed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Curly Cook curled up with a fun book.

After the RV park, we went to the library. We enjoyed lunch in the parking lot, in the shade of some tall trees, while Paul scouted out the library for his future personal use. Then it was our turn. The kids and I used our one-hour limit while Paul had a networking meeting in the RV.

This was what I chose to read.

It honestly felt like going to the spa, the library was so nice! It was quiet, air conditioned, had clean restrooms, and plenty of great light and seating to curl up and just get lost in a good book for an hour. No guilt! No pressure! No need to be anywhere else but right there. So perfect!

After returning the RV to where we are currently living, we finished up homeschool in time to drive 35 minutes and go swimming at a friend’s friend’s pool. Yep, that’s where we are at these days, hanging out at places who are a friend of a friend. ☺️ At least we have one friend to start with . . . Thanks N&C!!! 😘

After swimming, and lots of fun socializing, we treated the kids to a cheap hamburger/chicken nugget kids meal at Wendy’s and then made a quick stop at Walmart to prepare for the weekend. I am really concerned at how often we are shopping, but we honestly don’t have a better choice. We can’t store much food as it is, and bulk shopping is cheaper. But until we have another choice, we need to be grateful we can even buy food for ourselves. 🙏🏻💕

Then, quick showers (literally – we need to constantly conserve water, especially over a weekend) and Come Follow Me led by Curly Cook. Then we read 1 story from our family R.O.L. book and then prayers.

I am smiling tonight because of the complete contrast of today compared to Tuesday. What is the sheer difference you might ask?

I have been reading the Book of Mormon with sincerity AND I have been sharing with my family the stories from the life of a Prophet of God. Those two changes alone have flipped me right side up and I feel more hope and peace than I have in 3 weeks. 😅

I keep thinking about this talk from President Nelson. The more I think about it, the more I am seeing how the hand of God is helping me and my family through this experience. President Nelson invites the women of the church to do some specific things . . .

I have been able to see how following this counsel right now is actually helping me as well today! I am thankful that I am so busy these days, that staying away from social media is actually a blessing for my limited time, as well as an avoidable obstacle in my life.

I also LOVE how the Book of Mormon AND the Relief Society are blessing me today!!! For the greatest help we have been given, since arriving in Virginia, has come from 2 honorable, Christ-like, charitable members of the Relief Society. I am truly honored to be a part of such a life-saving organization!

July 4, 2015Joy Boy’s baptism day

And lastly, the Temple. I had the GREATEST privilege to serve in the Costa Rica Temple each week for 5 years. During those weeks I had the same desire that I do to blog . . like it was a personal calling from the Lord that He needed me to be there.

Now that the temples are at limited use, I cherish the lessons I learned over the last 5 years. . . For they are what speak truth and peace to my mind and heart when the storms rage and threaten to destroy. If I focus on keeping my own covenants, I will have all the help and support that I need to finish my purposes on the earth.

So, once again, I am happily content to admit that my life is richly blessed, each day, by the hand of God. He is there! He lives! He cares uniquely for us all . . . If only we would stop and look for Him uniquely helping us each and every day.

I close with a challenge that I gave to my youngest daughter today. She was sad this morning. . . so sad I couldn’t bare to watch her listen to the thoughts and feelings attacking her mind and heart. So I scooped her up into my arms and reminded her that she had a choice!

She could choose to listen and believe the thoughts and feelings that were making her feel sad, or she could choose to trust that Heavenly Father does not teach us in that manner. He never will use negativity or shame to correct our behavior or make us more like Him. But it was her choice to choose if she deserved to not feel so sad.

After she chose to change the shape of her body (i.e. – get up. Move to another place. Give yourself something else to do.) she was able to focus on her schoolwork. As I helped her with her lesson, I felt a desire to invite her to write down just 3 ways she felt Heavenly Father bless her that day, or the day before.

At first she didn’t want to do it, but once she did, her sweet little handwriting showed just how much love she did feel that day from simply looking back on the good she feels is in her life. This purposeful action allowed a light to glow in her eyes in that moment, and literally turned around her day.

But most importantly, those few words will set up the stage for her to have proof that God IS in her life, He is always there. . . even when the storm clouds block Him. . . HE IS THERE and HE CARES!

May you too take just a quick moment and joy down in your phone’s “Notes” section, or in your daily calendar, or on a mirror with an expo marker, HOW you felt the hand of God in your life today. I challenge you, as I did Curly Cook, to do this for just 7 days and get back to me. I would LOVE to know in the comments if it did help to make a positive difference in your life. 💕

Happy Friday,

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