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A New Beginning: Day #27 – What more can I do?

I did it!!!! I did it! I really, really did it!

(This is a Kid History reference. This video is one of my favorites! 😉)

With the help of the rain this morning, things slowed down to a snail’s pace which allowed me to easily want to stay in bed and grab hold of the opportunity to read and ponder the scriptures first thing this morning.

I will say that it wasn’t completely easy to do this, because I had a snuggle bug come join me soon after I had started. I was constantly tempted to ask her to leave, so I could complete my highest priority for the day. . . until I was gently reminded by a feeling in my heart (for me, this is how I feel the Holy Ghost prompt me most) that being her mother was also my highest priority and that these snuggle moments will become fewer and fewer.

So I slowed myself down, chose to be present in the moment, and then I refocused and got back to my studying – once snuggle bug was ready to get going herself this morning.

Not only did the rain help me out this morning, but Paul felt like eggs for breakfast and offered to make me some. ✔️ Breakfast in bed to boot! Can’t complain about that tender mercy!

Even when other kiddos started to come into my space, to get their priorities done, I didn’t seem as easily distracted or bothered by their intrusion. I am thankful for the peaceful feeling I had this morning. It was so peaceful, I even felt like blogging.

From my “bedroom” window.

I wish I could record the sound of the rain for you, thumping upon the metal roof of the RV, as it drips down from the leaves and branches above. It is a melodious sound, almost like an orchestra is playing a sonata, or will it be a symphony or maybe a suite. I wonder which one it will be?

Today’s scripture was found while studying this week’s CFM lesson in 3 Nephi chapters 1 -7.

This part of the story has to do with the birth of Christ and how His birth truly did “save” a people who were doomed to death unless the sign of His birth was given. Just stop and think about that for a moment. How would you like your life to be hanging on the line, if a sign from heaven wasn’t given in time? Can you think of people in history who also needed a sign from heaven to save them and their people?

After pondering how “I” would handle that kind of pressure, if my own life was dependent on a sign from heaven coming to prevent my death . . . I came upon my ponderizing scripture for the day.

3 Therefore they did forsake all their sins, and their abominations, and their whoredoms, and did serve God with all diligence day and night.

3 Nephi 5:3

I find it interesting how scripture stories have hidden answers in them; sometimes answers that are found at the end of the story. Not only was it the answer to my personal ponderizing of how I would handle such a terrifying experience as having my life in jeopardy if a sign from heaven didn’t come in time, but it also helped me with a question I have been pondering since Sunday, which is “What more can I do to repent each day?”

The scripture I chose is in reference to how the people who had witnessed the sign of Christ’s birth behaved after the sign had come in time to save all those who were threatened to be destroyed, for now all knew that Christ had been born, as foretold by their prophets.

I marveled how it is written that all the people (those threatened to die and those threatening to kill) now chose to forsake their sins, abominations, and their whoredoms. I stopped and asked myself, “What do these words mean to me?”

Well, sin to me is doing, thinking, or believing anything that would inspire me to turn away from God. You know those feelings or actions. They led you to darkness and seeking to be far away from all that could possibly bring you joy and happiness. I suppose staying up too late pulls me away from God, as well as staying too busy to do those things that He would prefer that I do, like snuggling my youngest this morning, because those moments create lasting bonds, joy, and happiness.

An abomination would be when I seek to control and get angry, or put up walls and refuse to tear them down, out of pride or embarrassment. And whoredoms would be anything that doesn’t encourage temperance or virtuousness.

But yuck! Why would I want to create a list of don’ts to live all day? A feeling of angst and frustration is seeking to settle upon me, even as I ponder these negative, downward spiraling thoughts. So let’s go back to the scripture above and see what else it has to say. 👆🏻

“and did serve God with all diligence day and night.”

Now that’s more like it! I would much rather focus on serving my God, diligently each day and through the night, then make a list of my weaknesses and focus on never stumbling upon them throughout my day. This reminds me of a favorite quote that I love to hear again and again. . .

Doesn’t that feel better!!! I totally agree! It’s like focusing on the negative all day, rather than the positive. Yuck! No thank you! That really is a dark, and stormy kind of day. I’d rather enjoy the rain today, than become all “Eeyore-ish” in it.

Do you remember the “cotton ball story” I shared a while back? A friend of ours taught it to our oldest son and it has stayed with me ever since. The story goes a bit like this. . .

We all have dark cotton balls in our minds. Maybe they are bad thoughts, or bad habits, or desires we shouldn’t act upon, but the dark cotton balls seek darkness and tempt our minds to let them control us each day. How do we get rid of the dark cotton balls? One might say you just empty your mind of them? But our minds need any cotton ball they can find, to help the mind stay active. Also, once a dark seeking cotton ball is forced out, it brings back even more dark cotton balls to bully its way into taking even more control of the mind. So it is suggested that we instead fill the mind with light-giving cotton balls; so many light-giving cotton balls that even noticing the dark cotton balls becomes unimportant to the mind. For the mind is so busy working with light-giving cotton balls, it doesn’t even feel the need to pay attention to what the dark cotton balls have to say.

Spencer S.

So, that is how I feel about my ponderizing scripture of the day. If I will continue to focus on diligently serving my Father in a Heaven, each and every day, I will be open to gaining even more light-giving cotton balls. So that when choices are presented to me, I will have more opportunities to practice and learn how to be more like Him! And that’s a win, win for me because no matter my circumstances, I will be working towards something that is eternal and lasting, no matter how crazy my temporal life may become.

Well, I did it! It is 2:30 in the afternoon and I am finished with the blog. I hoped to get it finished earlier, but life has other priorities that must come first (like family morningside time and teaching music/art from Scandinavia to my children). But because I kept “first things first,” Curly Cook was able to share this video with our family and it goes beautifully with what I blogged about earlier this morning. So, I hope you it and that it helps you to have a great rest of your day!

Happy Wednesday,

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