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A New Beginning: Day #35 – Hey Kids, Remember When . . .

Hey kids, remember when we left Dad at home (aka in the RV) for a meeting, while we drove all the way to Arby’s, to treat ourselves to a drive-thru dinner, when the lady taking our order said, “Before you place your order, we would like you to know that we are all out of Arby’s sauce.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Do you remember the sounds we made in the car, of utter disappointment, and how we each realized that there was no point in eating Arby’s roast beef sandwiches if they don’t have the sauce to drench the sandwich in?

Do you remember how we politely said good-bye to the lady at the drive-thru, and then hesitated to know what next to do? Thankfully Curly Cook was so hungry, she said she didn’t care what we ate, as long as we ate soon!

So we started to drive up the street, looking to see if there was anything else worthy of eating, and we found so many good choices that we decided to be spontaneous and allow each of us to individually choose what we wanted to eat that night, since COVID-19 prevents us from eating inside the restaurants anyway.

Do you remember that I found a Greek restaurant and ordered a delicious gyro, with extra tzatziki sauce, and sweet potato fries? Do you remember how good that gyro tasted?

Do you remember that we next drove through KFC for Curly Cook (popcorn chicken, fries, and corn kernels) and GingerSnap (a snack chicken sandwich), then Taco Bell for Joy Boy (a grilled bean burrito with lots of cheese and taco sauce) and GingerSnap (a crispy taco), and finally back to Arby’s for curly fries for GingerSnap?

Do you remember that we had so much fun, that we just sat and enjoyed the unexpected plans and how discussed how the misfortune at Arby’s had actually turned toward our good?

Do you recall that we realized that had we not driven to this Arby’s location, I would have never gotten my gyro I have been craving for years!! Nor would we have been wise enough to do something so adventurous and memorable as allowing each of us to patiently purchase the foods we wanted and then wait for each of us to finish our food, before going into a new favorite grocery store, Harris Teeter, to buy Tillamook ice cream for tomorrow’s lunch?

Good times kids! Really good times!

Do you remember how stressed and concerned I was this whole week?

I need to thank each of you for being so patient, for being willing to do as your mother asked (especially if you rather wouldn’t, but trusted that I wouldn’t ask you to do it, if it wasn’t potentially for our good), and then to be willing to let this week go with hope and gladness. For although this week had several challenges, our needs are being met, our lives are richly blessed, and God is at the helm of it all.

I hope you know this kids. He is the one in charge, for I’m not a perfect mom. I’m not even a perfect person. I’m just a daughter of God, trying to seek truth and then live by that truth and teach you about it along the way. And I believe that by doing this, I am guided by the Spirit of God to try new things, or stop things that aren’t best for our family. It may not please everyone, but as long as we are doing our best to serve Him, that is truly all that will ever really matter.

I love you!!! Also, do you remember how cool it was to memorize paragraph 3 of the Restoration Proclamation this week? Well done on putting your best foot forward to memorizing this with me. It brings me pure joy to learn this special declaration with you.

Thanks for remembering this with me!

Love always ~ Mom

Happy Thursday,

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  • Allison

    I LOVE how you handled your unique dinner situation! That sounds so fun! And everyone was happy!! I also LOVE the picture of the kids with this post! 😂

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