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A New Beginning: Day #43 – Hey Paul . . .

Hey Paul,

Remember yesterday when we spent the ENTIRE day together, sitting on our bed in the RV while taking a 7 hour class on parenting? Do you remember how we had to get up and move, because our bodies were feeling stiff and uncomfortable? Do you remember that we ate lunch early so we could use our 1 hour lunch break to take a walk and then it gently rained, but we didn’t mind because it felt so good to get out of the stuffy RV? Do you then remember how anxious I acted when it was my turn to disagree appropriately in our break-our session with Mrs. Peck? I think I need to work on that skill, what do you think? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And then do you remember how lovely the RV felt when our class was finally finished for the night, because GingerSnap “sparkle cleaned it” for us, after making dinner for our family?

And then do you remember the love letters we wrote to each other (as an assignment from our teacher) but I had to write mine after you gave it to me because I forgot to do it yesterday morning, before class? But do you remember how it felt to know that I love you, no matter what? I do! And I remember how I felt reading your letter. I agree, we must have been matched together before we realized it, because we have known each other since I was 15. I just wasn’t ready to know it then that you were my future husband, because I needed to first know that you were my best friend.

I love that about us Paul – we are best friends first. Through thick and thin! But we both know that our temple covenants have kept our hearts together. So thank you for wanting to marry me, but also wanting to be sealed to me for eternity! Our temple covenants have been our greatest blessings! I’m so very thankful you were the one to help me go to the temple as an adult! And I love you for always helping me return, no matter the distance! Maybe we should drive and see a temple soon? I am so excited Richmond will have a temple one day. I love living near a temple.

I love you! Thanks for giving me good memories to remember,

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