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A New Beginning: Day #62 – Beauty ALL Around – Whitti Wendi
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A New Beginning: Day #62 – Beauty ALL Around

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Yesterday was a beautiful day. . . Literally!

The rains for the last few days finally stopped and the sun appeared.

Blue skies even came out to say a friendly hello to me while I was on my walk.

A few dear friends had sent me encouraging words that gave me the inspiration I needed to get out of the RV and spend some quality time by myself. I was rewarded with not only beautiful sites, but . . .

The ability to actually capture what I was seeing! Hallelujah! Taking these pictures was a miracle in and of itself!!!!! Thank you Michelle and Rachel! 💕 I needed your loving support.

I was also delighted to hear a sweet poem that Curly Cook read to me out of her literature book. The poem inspired the featured art at the top of the blog post.

Baby’s Feet

By Edgar Guest

Pinker than the roses that enrich a summer’s day,
Splashing in the bath tub or just kicking them in play,
Nothing in the skies above or earth below as sweet,
As fascinating to me as a baby’s little feet.

Every toe a rosebud, on a chubby, dimpled tree,
Little legs as rounded and as plump as they can be,
Peeping through the nighties, or kicking in the air,
Angel wings aren’t prettier than baby’s feet, I swear.

Not a sign of travel, not a sign of care,
Not a sign of burdens they have had to bear,
Just the pinkest pinkness and the plumpest plumpness known,
Kicking in their gladness when the covers back are thrown.

Little feet that never yet have stepped aside to sin,
Never trampled others down in selfishness to win,
Never felt the bruises or the weariness of strife,
Aren’t they good to look at as they’re starting out in life?

Little feet, I wonder, as I watch you kick in play,
Peeping through your nightie at the ending of the day,
Wonder where you’ll wander in the years that lie ahead,
And I pray the Lord to guard you o’er the paths that you must tread.

This poem was a gift to me too, because it made me think of my mother-in-law and the love I have for her. Each time I had a new baby, she would come to the hospital and the first thing she would look at on the baby was their feet. I loved watching her make sure their tiny feet were healthy and would provide them stable support. She approved all 5 of my children’s feet. This was important to her and her blessing left me feeling comforted and looked over.

After my amazing walk, I came home and made our family one of my favorite meals! Check out this new recipe feature Paul found for me. Now whenever I add a recipe to my blog, I can find it in the right menu bar under its specific food category. Today’s recipe will now be easily found under the category of “Pasta.” Yippee!!!!!

And lastly, a song! I heard this song yesterday and the words actually touched my heart. It was a surprise because I don’t usually care to listen to this kind of music anymore. But the lyrics spoke to me, and I realized with joy that I really do like this song. So this too brought me joy yesterday, because I can easily feel a connection with God when a song’s lyrics speak truth to my mind, as well as its melody to my heart.

It was a great day yesterday! I am learning so very much! I learning how to see God in many more ways in addition to ponderizing scriptures and conference talks. I’m learning to find Him in great books, like The Winged Watchman, or on nature walks, or through poetry that reminds me of past experiences He has blessed me to have, or most importantly in moments of encouragement that remind me why I am choosing to live the way that I am, and with whom I am choosing to stand beside and support, no matter what!

I’m so very blessed. So are you! Even if life is upside down for you too, you’re blessed. But it does take your eyes to see it. I hope you’ll take a small moment and ask yourself, “How did I see JOY today?”

Happy Wednesday,


  • Allison

    Oh my goodness I loved that song so much! But what was with the dude on the left just hanging there not even singing?!? 😂 Also, I loved seeing your beautiful face so happy on your walk!

    • wendi

      You are so observant. He is called “The Beard Guy”. That was his role in the band. He was the fun one who had the same facial expression in every video (pretty much he never broke into a smile) but he was so good at so many things. He actually has passed away. We all miss him. I love that you noticed he just hung there. He really makes the video if you know about who he is. Love you!
      I love seeing your beautiful face too!

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