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A New Beginning: Day #68 – Deadlines

How to you like the changes Paul and I made over the weekend to the blog? To be honest, they were unintentional, but after some playing around to fix them, I decided I liked how crisp and clean this new theme looked. So we are going to give it a try!

Have you also seen the new categories we made? Complete with the start of a new recipe category to help us more easily find the recipes I love to share with those I love. That includes you! So stay tuned, because when we we finished, the recipe category is going to be so fun to use and hopefully easy to reference. I’m so excited!

Talking about excited, I wasn’t so excited today about some deadlines we have coming up this December. I actually was so incredibly not excited, I think the deadlines made me sick. I spent Sunday evening and most of Monday sick in bed. Yuck! Double yuck when you are lining in an RV with 4 other humans.

But I knew where negative thinking would get me. So I stayed as far away from it as I possibly could. I did this by making myself eat a healthy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast (even though I usual stay away from eating anything when I’m this upset), I also made myself take some vitamins I needed, and then I set my priorities straight and sought out help from the most trusted source I know . . . God.

I turned to Him, instead of away from Him. But it didn’t come easy at first. I kept feeling frustration that “Heavenly Father already knows all of my concerns. Do I really need to voice them to Him yet again?”

As I awaited this answer (for it did come), I was slowly shown over the course of my day that He does care and He truly is with me. First, He spoke to me in the scriptures I was reading. I know it was Him because my heart felt touched, softened when I read these words. . .

“And if it so be that the church is built upon my gospel then will the Father show forth his own works in it.”

3 Nephi 27:10

The thought came to me with confidence that if I was building my home, built upon His gospel, than He would show forth His works in our home. This scripture gave me courage to then attend a couple’s meeting Paul wanted to have with me, to discuss why I was feeling so upset. I honestly didn’t want to share what I was feeling. I was scared if I said these concerns out loud, that I would be complaining or doubting. But I was struggling, and who better to share my struggles with, after I had with God, than with my husband when he asked to know them.

This meeting and how it ended, I know, was a tender mercy!!! Our lives haven’t always been filled with the time, nor the awareness that one of us is struggling and needs to talk things out immediately, as we would have liked. So I cherish when it does happen and that our time together ended so nicely. For it did. In talking out our “deadlines” coming up, we were able to both come to an agreement of how we feel we should act and then support each other in achieving it.

We also were able to discuss if our home is built upon the gospel of Jesus Christ and if there was anything more that we could be doing? Once our conversation was over, I felt an energy come back to me that I then used to take care of our home and make it an inviting place to be in. I also was able to take care of a few of my pressing needs and even found an hour to do something I love (cross-stitching while listening to a podcast) before it was time for me to make dinner.

During the podcast I heard great ideas, from someone I felt understood my goals and concerns. I felt reminded that I needed to take a moment and see just how far I have come in all of my relationships and that I have come this far because I have trusted the process. So keep trusting the process, no matter how long it takes!

Then, while making dinner, one of my favorite songs came on. This little gift has always touched my heart. The gift of the right song at the right moment. Immediately I was swept away in love and understanding. The song spoke of me needing to enjoy the little moments and to take the long way home, rather than the shortcuts. That song was followed up by yet another favorite song that reminded me that God keeps His promises. I just need to let Him.

These experiences were all wrapped up when my son called home, while we roasted apples over a campfire for our Family Fun Night. Before he had to go, I asked him to share a spiritual thought with us.

He shared the story of 2 missionaries knocking on doors and not finding anyone willing to hear them until the 4th floor, last door. He re-told this story beautifully by sharing that each door had to be knocked on. Each one. Not one was missed. There was my answer. Wendi – keep knocking! Again my heart was touched that God is mindful of me and my family. What a precious moment to have and now have it recorded on this blog.

In closing, a dear friend of mine, Gina, sent me a message I couldn’t get to until today and in it she said, “After you have done all that you can do, that is when you become a sparrow or a lily. God cares for them! He is caring for you. Even if this lesson is only to add compassion to your list of strengths, what courage you can gain to face it. If only you try.”

So I am. I am willing now to face these deadlines we have coming up because they are out of my control. Thankfully I do know someone who understands what these deadlines mean to me. And I trust that He will help me, as I allow Him to. For I know who He is and how He would like me to face them with courage and hope and faith that the choices that will need to be made will not be a mistake, but that they will be perfect for us all.

I love this song. If you read this in your email, click this link to hear it. If not, you can watch the video below.

Happy Tuesday,

Illustration of Christ appearing to the Nephites by Andrew Bosley – found in Come Follow Me – Book of Mormon

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