Family, Wendi Thinks

A Poem

“Little Birdie” By Wendi (That’s me!) Little birdie, sweet and fine Sitting on your wooden line. You love to sing, and dance, and play Chirping to your friends all day. I wonder how your cage can be A place that brings you happy things? With bars, and locks, and spaces tight, Keeping you from taking… Read More A Poem

Wendi Thinks

1 Minute, 4 Seconds

** That is all I could study this morning from President Nelson’s most recent talk to the women of the church last Saturday. I had the BEST day yesterday!!! I received some answers to a prayer that I have been hoping, but not knowing, how I would receive. I also had the best feeling in… Read More 1 Minute, 4 Seconds

Costa Rica

My Church Calling

Last Sunday, I had the greatest privilege to take my kiddos to another ward for their ward conference. While there, I got to attend the Junior Primary class, taught by their fabulous Primary President. She came fully prepared (the most wonderful gift anyone can give when teaching) to teach this cute little group of kiddos.… Read More My Church Calling